Frequently Asked Questions

Grocery Store

Is this a large grocery store?
No. In order to accommodate the local residents who currently travel three or more miles to grocery shop, we envision a modest-sized, full-service grocery that carries a full line of products. Currently, the plans call for the grocery store to be 18,000 square feet. By comparison, this is much smaller than any of the older grocery stores in Olney.


What type of shops do you envision?
Our vision is to have two full service restaurants and a small cafe. We also hope to attract a dynamic line up of shops and boutiques. To round out the offerings, we will add some service retailers such as a salon or day spa. To tell us about your ideas for which businesses to include, visit the home page of this web site.


What about traffic? What improvements are being made to the Rte. 108 and New Hampshire Avenue intersection?
The developers are working diligently with the State of Maryland to make significant improvements to the intersection and have dedicated a portion of their site to accommodate these changes. The intersection will be widened to add additional turning lanes in all four directions.

If the project is not built, will the traffic improvement be made?
No. If the development is not approved, there is no commitment to improvements.

Building Time Line

What is the time line for building Ashton Meeting Place?
We cannot move forward with construction until the state's portion of the intersection improvements are funded by the State Highway Administration.

Single Family Homes

Where will the single family homes be located?
The plans include 7 single family homes to be built as part of this project. These homes will be accessed via the internal roadway that connects Route 108 and Route 650. The site plan is posted on "The Vision" page of this web site and includes more details about the location of these homes.