Community Members Urge Others to Play Fair
Neighbor says, ‘Let’s maintain our community’s identity and don’t allow ourselves to be ripped apart and bullied by others! ‘

Neighbors and friends are often pitted against one another when progress or change is taking place near their home and they find themselves on different sides of an emotional issue. After all, this is our home and when the landscape changes, sometimes it can be difficult to accept a differing opinion.

One thing that we need to remember while this issue is debated is not to pose threats to existing businesses, speaking negatively about existing businesses or other neighbors who disagree with each other’s version of the ‘‘right” position. The ultimate success or failure of this project is in the hands of everyone, not just one local developer.

We are fortunate that this area has always enjoyed a tremendous sense of identity in a region that is overcome with unplanned growth. I strongly encourage honest opposition and support, but it is important to keep it dignified and constructive to reach the common community goal of doing the ‘‘right” thing.

I am still trying to come to grips with the thought of hiring an attorney and parading him around like a hero as a result of the Clarksburg debacle. From my research and the facts stated to me by the developer, the project is in compliance with the 1998 Master Plan for Ashton. The approval and compliance of this project in conjunction with the plan is based on the planning board’s review, not legislators.

The addition of a lawyer is going to complicate the issue and make the legislators, county counsel and department heads, part of the process that is already cumbersome and complex.

Recently I watched a news special by Sherwood students in Project Change and see so many similarities. We are adults and ultimately we set the tone for people that surround us and the children that admire us. I really hope that we do not take this bullying path instituted by the advent of a lawyer to already complex situation.

Let’s maintain our community’s identity and don’t allow ourselves to be ripped apart and bullied by others!

I am writing this letter mainly for myself and partly for my neighbors who are afraid of being bullied around. I support this project and look forward to the day where I am able to meet and chat with my neighbors at the Ashton Meeting Place.

Kevin Bland, Brinklow

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