Minutes from August 8 Meeting with Community Representatives

Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2007


In attendance:

Dave Almy

Miche Booz

Jim Emr

Brooke Farquhar

Andrew Jenks

Phil Perrine




  1. Connection between buildings 4 & 5,
  2. Pedestrian sidewalk/pathway widths/building 1 stairs,
  3. Green on deck (planters on top of deck, trellises on ramp),
  4. Rear of food store (shed roof off rear of store w/ columns, columnar trees to buffer)
  5. North/green side of bank driveway,
  6. Arch character look at front porch does center section come forward?
  7. South end of building 5.
  8. Bank shift second floor from south side to north and connect by steps to green (visible).
  9. Would like a strong pedestrian connection (green to Building 5, interior north/south connection) made visible by stamped concrete.



Builidng 1

Stone with light tan Hardieplank

#1 prefer Hardieplank (smooth not grained), lighter to contrast with stone (cream).


Building 2

Building 2 porch has second row of gables outside, planter & sidewalk. 

Buidling/20 feet/planter/sidewalk

Painted white brick

#2 prefer paint white


Building 3

Georgian/lighter brick/simulated slate

Bank slightly lighter (Calvert Rose brick) than the Sandy Spring fire station

Bank to be more Georgian, second floor to be on North side to interact with green

Deck in front of bank stamped cobblestones


Building 4

Brick at end/center board & batten appearing Hardiepanel

Brick at ends

Hardiepanel board in center

Standing seam shed roof


Building 5

South Hardieplank white

a.       North White birch

b.      Green shingle roof

c.       Connector Hardieplank siding with vertical support members to be Timberframe using 8x8 posts.

d.      Move this building 8 towards South Drive along PUE/chamfer edge to parallel building 4


Want white/yellow siding w/ green shingle roof, 50x50 piece white brick 40x60 frame for bridge with timber framing below


Building 6

Building 6 as shown

Shed @ back of building 6 to follow building shape, add trees and bushes

Food Store look at front porch does center section come forward?


Parking Structure

Rear of parking structure to be stone veneer


Skylight down to parking between building 4 & 5,

Sidewalk to be stamped brick pattern

8 foot sidewalk @ angle to corner of 108/650

Bank tower out

Trellis over ramp?

Site needs to be ready before the buildings can be designed

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