Builder sees Ashton Meeting Place as ‘community asset’
-Letter to the Editor-

Builder sees Ashton Meeting Place as ‘community asset’

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

If the builders of the proposed Ashton Meeting Place deliver on the design and architecture shown in their renderings, the surrounding community will be the winner.

In my 37 years in local commercial building in the greater Washington region, I have never seen a building wrapped completely in this style of brick with such a high level of detail. The architectural establishment would be hard-pressed to identify another local shopping center of this type with such extra enhancements and features. In my experience, the beauty (and significant costs) associated with the high-quality of Ashton Meeting Place will make it a community asset for many years to come.

W. Douglas Rivenbark, Ashton

The writer is president and owner of Globe Building LLC.

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