Ashton Meeting Place Revises Plans in Response to Citizen Request
Plans for Charming Village Center Keeps Getting Better and Better

The Developers of Ashton Meeting Place unveiled revised plans to a group of more than 150 people at a public meeting held at Ashton Methodist Church on Saturday January 14.

Revisions to the proposed development include:

  • Increase the amount of green space and enhanced with water feature and additional landscaping
  • Scaled down façade facing Rte. 108 by 30 feet
  • Further improved façade facing Rte. 108 with enhance architectural treatments and building materials
  • Increased the number of residential units
  • Increased the amount of underground parking spaces
  • Successfully worked with the State of Maryland to improve traffic at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Rte. 108
  • Dedicated a large space on the second floor of the bank for community use
  • Reduced the height of the façade tower

"We are extremely pleased with the revised plans and the developer's willingness to listen and make improvements," stated, Gene Mirkin, a resident of Ashton. "Many people in the community are looking forward to a place that will give a greater sense of community to Ashton."

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