Harris Teeter Withdraws Intent to Open in Ashton Meeting Place
Citizens Rally to Change Their Mind

Harris Teeter announces that they have withdrawn their intent to sign a lease at the village center because of a negative response by some in the community.

"We are deeply saddened by this news," stated Fred Nichols, local developer of Ashton Meeting Place, "This will have a severe impact on our ability to attract a high-quality retail tenant base. Quality retailers look for centers to be a co-tenant with a full-service grocer that generates steady customers."

Fran Simons, a resident of Ashton for more than 12 years responded by stating, "This is extremely disappointing. Our community has grown four-fold over the last several years and we were really looking forward to the convenience of a neighborhood grocer."

Ms. Simons also stated that she is taking around a petition to obtain signatures to send to Harris Teeter. "We want to let them know that many more people want them here than not."

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